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  • SAP, Netsuite, Deltek, Oracle
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Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is a set of web development and debugging tools built into the Google Chrome browser. It provides features such as inspecting and editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in real-time, debugging JavaScript code, monitoring network activity, profiling performance, and testing mobile responsiveness. Chrome DevTools is widely used by web developers for diagnosing and optimizing web applications.

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Lighthouse is an open-source tool developed by Google for auditing and improving the quality and performance of web pages. It analyzes web pages against a set of best practices and performance metrics, providing insights and recommendations for improving aspects such as performance, accessibility, SEO, and progressive web app (PWA) compliance. Lighthouse can be run as a browser extension, a command-line tool, or integrated into Chrome DevTools.

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WebPageTest, an open-source tool, assesses web page performance globally with real browsers and network conditions. It delivers detailed metrics and visualizations on load times, resource loading, and rendering. Offering filmstrip view, waterfalls, and video capture, it enables thorough performance analysis and optimization.

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Angular Performance Explorer

Angular Performance Explorer, a tool by the Angular team, enhances Angular app performance. It integrates with Chrome DevTools, profiling rendering times, change detection cycles, and memory usage. By identifying bottlenecks and offering optimization recommendations, it aids developers in improving Angular app performance.

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