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Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing means deploying your complete business processes from backend servers, database to frontend software and analytics — everything over the internet i.e. on the cloud and only incurs a cost for the cloud services platform you use.

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IBM Cloud

Build business infrastructure on an open, secure and public cloud platform for increased agility and continuity. Hybrid multi-cloud platform with advanced data and AI capabilities that enables deep enterprise expertise.

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Microsoft Azure

Build, run and manage business infrastructure across multiple clouds, on-premises or edge. Be future-ready and enable your businesses to capture opportunities with speed and resiliency.

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Google Cloud

Build future-proof business infrastructure with powerful data and analytics for high resilience and scalability. Public cloud platform with unmatched AI-ML capabilities to make smarter business decisions.

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Linode Cloud

Develop, deploy, and scale your business infrastructure to the cloud with Linux virtual machines. Cost-effective, multi cloud platform to modernize your infrastructure with ease, speed, and predictability.

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EV and Renewable Energy
Electric Bike/Scooter Application with Battery Management Solution
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