Project overview

Our client has its in-house SaaS-based software solution for tracking sales executives on their day-to-day travelling. We identified the problems that the client was facing to create a refined solution: A mobile app for Sales executives & their Managers to track their executives.

SaaS-based Agriculture web app

The challenge

Time crunch

The client needed the solution to be delivered within a tight deadline of 1 month once the design was finalized.

Real-time tracking

We had to incorporate a real-time distance calculator to track the sales executive’s travel in a day. We also had to enable the distance covered by the sales executive.

Extra effort

The sales executives had to report to the main office of their day to day activities and their sale conversion at the end of the day which was often a hassle for both managers and the execs.

Our effective solutions


The managers can track the location of the sales executives in real-time, gather data about their whereabouts and distance travelled.

Save time and money

The sales executives can generate an order for each client and it will be reflected on the supply manager’s dashboard instantly so they don’t need to travel to the head office.

Instant App

Since each order needed to be accepted by the client when the Sales Executive created it, we come up with the solution of an instant App for the client-side that allows them instant access for approval.

Value delivered

60+ Active users have started to operate their day-to-day working with the application.

12+ New clients with customized requirements for the SaaS-based solution.

40% The growth rate in customers since the launch.

50% The rise in active users per month.

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