Project overview

The client is a corporate lodging agency with a traditional approach to handling business. They were looking for transforming their process digitally. We transformed their whole business process into a digital space where their reservation agent, client, and the facility would use the system and complete the life cycle of one corporate reservation.

Mobile app development

The challenge

Manual entries made in Excel

The client managed the reservations Excel so our team at Theta had to understand the overall business process from their Excel sheets.

A traditional way of getting business

The client maintained the reservations through traditional means — telecalls and emails. We had to convert the whole business from the traditional way to the digital way.

Inefficient process

Each reservation agent was overloaded with requests for reservations. There was no proper process set for getting requests and managing payments. Theta was tasked with setting the proper distribution of incoming requests to every reservation agent logically.

We had to ensure that no reservation agent will be overloaded and every agent gets enough requests that can be maintained and managed properly.

Our effective solutions

Web app development

Created a web-based application for reservation agents so that they manage the whole reservation process in a more efficient way.

Web portal

  • We created a web portal for the Hotel/Facility Agent for admin functions. This way the company can stay updated about the ongoing reservations and the client onboarding process as well as the pending payments.
  • Incorporated data-driven reports for admins to get insightful business-related data about payments, target customers and reservations.

Mobile app development

Created a mobile app for the customers to smoothen their reservation process. Instead of making telecalls or writing emails, they can directly book their rooms via the app.

Value delivered

30% Increase in online reservations instead of traditional means like email or phone calls.

25% Increase in engagement and reservations per day, per agent.

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