Project overview

Our client is a top air cooler manufacturing company based in India with a global presence. Even though they are a large manufacturing unit, they were facing operational challenges between the two most important departments — Production and Supply Chain. Due to improper communication or lack thereof, there was a duplication of the process which wasted a lot of time and resources.

They wanted a robust solution to set up a solid communication solution between the two departments to align the processes for both departments.

Mobile application-based software solution

The challenge

Business process understanding

We had to understand the complete business and the end-to-end production and supply chain cycle for a finished product. We had to find the gaps and blind spots to bridge them through our robust software solution.

Migrating traditional business processes to digital

Until now they were using traditional methods for recording, storing, and managing the end-to-end supply chain data. They followed a cumbersome process of manually gathering and inserting data into the system. The system had to be automated for real-time reflection of all data for better business intelligence.

Integrating with SAP

Since they’re using SAP as their ERP, we had to provide a solution that can coincide and communicate efficiently with their current ERP system.

Our effective solutions

Mobile application-based software solution

We devised a mobile-first strategy and built an Android mobile app-based software solution. We created two applications interconnected with another that can be easily used by the company employees.

First, the production department will use the OEM application to scan and store all the information regarding the finished product, and the Supply Chain (Dispatch) department will use the CFA app to scan the material received from either OEM or another CFA. CFA will pass the data and products for the process of dispatch.

Real-time Integration with ERP(SAP)

We built a seamless communication between the current software solution that is SAP and our mobile app solution. Now, the administration and management can get a bird’s eye view of each department in real-time.

Powering business intelligence

We have integrated our software solution with their current ERP system to gather data in real-time. We removed the need for manual operators to enter the data so the company can leverage this data to make informed strategic decisions.

Value delivered

Process automation

As part of the solution, we automated their production to dispatch communication channels seamlessly.

100% Real-time data is available with accuracy which leads to powerful business intelligence.

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