Project overview

We created a Remote Patient Monitoring & Telemedicine solution for web and mobile platforms. This application is aimed to collect all possible types of health and wellness-related data via mobile applications or other third-party BLE-based Devices like Wearable Watch (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Active) & Adesfit devices.

The system can generate all kinds of health & wellness-related predictions which help health professionals to understand their patients’ health situations as well as the user of the application.

Manual entries made in Excel

This solution can be utilized by hospitals, caregivers, independent practitioners to draft better solutions for their patients. This solution can also be customized according to the requirement and domain of the practitioner to create a more personalized experience.

RPM & Telemedicine Solution

The challenge

Need for robust software

The biggest challenge is to create a robust solution that works smoothly for each platform like mobile and web without shortfalling on its efficiency.


The solution should be able to collect as much health & wellness-related data as possible to churn predictive insights that can be helpful to the practitioner as well as the patient.

Seamless connection

The software solutions must be able to easily create a smooth connection between our mobile applications & all BLE-based devices to collect accurate data.

Our effective solutions

Setup AI-based Prediction analytics

We designed an AI-based symptom tracker that helps users to get the first basic level diagnosis so their health profession would know what they’re suffering from.

Remote monitoring system

We created an inbuilt system that would allow the practitioners to treat patients remotely especially during crises situations like the COVID-19 pandemic (contagious disease).

Value delivered

98% Reduction in product downtime.

50+ Clients (hospitals, caregivers, independent practitioners) engaged with the system.

125% Increase in the usage of the app by multiple clients and their customers.

100K active users of the platform — practitioners as well as patients.

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