Project overview

Our client is a tech company based out of Africa. The product is a SaaS-based podcast player portal for radio broadcasters who want to release their radio podcast on the internet. This product follows a subscription-based model. Each user can get a personalized theme and custom domain for their podcast portal.

SaaS-based web app

The challenge

Robust streaming architecture

Since some remote areas of Africa have network issues, our client wanted to build a robust platform with streaming capabilities even in low network latency areas. The top priority was a good architecture that would compile a great user experience along with technological capabilities.

Several revenue sources

Only the subscription-based revenue source wasn’t enough so we had to devise other solutions that provide additional revenue sources.

Our effective solutions

AWS S3 & Elastic Transcoder for Streaming portal

We have used AWS Elastic transcoder service for generating multiple versions of the same audio file with different qualities which can be incorporated as per the user’s internet quality.

AdsWizz Integration

We found a great solution out there that help us to have Advertisement integrated with streaming service on the fly and that advertisement will be incorporated based on the user’s age, sex, and geolocation which will be fetched by browser cookies.

Value delivered

AWS serverless architecture

To create a highly scalable, robust solution.

Personalized in-stream ads

A user can stream for 18 minutes continuously before hearing a specific ad based on their preferences and demographics.

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