Project overview

Our client is a healthcare practitioner who wanted to create a unique solution for travelers with special medical conditions. Travelers with health conditions often need urgent or regular medical assistance, especially during critical pandemic times.

We had to build an app that enables communication between travelers and their healthcare practitioners. The app must have a Newsfeed that gives travel notifications from different sources including CDC and US Travel state simultaneously providing an advanced medical system for healthcare providers.

HIPAA Compliant health app

The challenge

Telemedicine with AI-based Health Assessment

The client needed a telemedicine feature with prevailing AI-based health assessment functionality. We had to accommodate an AI-based health assessment chatbot that asked a series of questions that led to the conclusion of whether they needed medical assistance or not.

Fetching country-wise public health news

The most cumbersome challenge was to scan public health records and news to provide users with up-to-date information. If any user travels to a specific country then the application should be able to notify them with health news from that location.

Urgent medical attention

In case of urgent medical assistance, the application should fetch that country’s medical emergency number so users can immediately connect with medical officers in an unknown place too.

Our effective solutions

HIPAA Compliant health app

We have successfully designed and developed a HIPAA compliant & encrypted PHI system for this health app. We have used advanced encryption key management for encryption and this system is also capable of integrating with any EHR/EMR. It also has a small EHR inbuilt which can be exported in EHR/EMR format.

Trip planning & advisory

A user can enter their travel itinerary and group information in the app. Based on the details, the app prepares for that particular group’s medical urgency at that particular location of the itinerary.

Infermedica Integration

The health assessment solution must be trustworthy and quick as it has to refresh quickly and work on a tight timeline. So, instead of developing a symptom tracker (that might make the app slow), we decided to integrate a third-party symptom tracker — Infermedica.

Chatbot integration

We integrated a chatbot to help users with appointment booking when no caregiver is available. If the symptom condition is extreme, the chatbot offers an emergency contact number and allows users to make an emergency call.

Value delivered


We built a seamless telemedicine mobile app solution tailor-made for both Android and iOS platforms enabled with a video conferencing feature.

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